Pasty Maker



Colours:  white only.


Packed sizes: Packed 30 per box. (MOQ)

Cut, shape and seal your own pastries in minutes

The Austware Pasty Maker is a very useful tool for cutting and shaping of professional looking pies and pasties.
The PASTY MAKER allows you to make homemade filled pastry, pasta & pies & allows you to seal the edges easily.

How to use your Austware Pasty maker

One The back of the Pasty Maker serves as a ‘cookie cutter’ to cut circles of dough to size.
Two Place the dough circle on the front surface of the Pasty Maker.
Three Spoon a filling of your choice into the depression and press in gently.
Four Fold over the Pasty Maker and press firmly without force.
Five Remove the pasty from the mould.


Detailed instructions are on the packaging.