Austware Peeler


Assorted colours:  white, black, silver/grey, red, orange, yellow, lime,
dark green, dark blue, light blue and pink.


Pack sizes: 10 x 2 per box of 20 (MOQ)

10 x  4 per box of 40

10 x 10 per box of 100

Ergonomic design and hand sharpened blades make it simple and safe to use

The Austware Peeler boasts a heat tempered, heavy duty surgical grade stainless steel blade, individually sharpened by hand which produces a final cutting edge which will peel even the hardest skinned vegetables, such as butternut and pumpkin with ease and that will not tarnish or rust and stays sharp.
The moulded high grade ABS plastic handles are ergonomically designed to be used by either the right or left hand. Originally designed for the disabled, the Austware Peeler is simple and safe to use and requires only light pressure to work. The handle is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. They are strong and durable, and will literally last for years.
The Austware Peeler is excellent for peeling most fruits & vegetables and slicing & shaving cheese and chocolate.  The Austware Peeler is the peeler of choice for a vast majority of the large scale processors of ready-to-cook, pre-packed fruits and vegetables.
The Austware Peeler is blister packed, for cleanliness, onto a backing card, which makes it simple to display. You may want us to print your logo onto the Austware Peeler or manufacture some in a specific colour or even print your exclusive backing card.

How to use your Austware Peeler

Easy Peeling For peeling potatoes, butternut, carrots, cucumbers, apples, pears, ginger and most other fruit & vegetables, lightly glide the Austware Peeler along the entire length of the vegetable, either towards or away from you. It will easily peel even the toughest vegetables, never cutting too deeply. Bad eyes in potatoes can be removed with the handy eye remover we designed into the handle.


Easy shredding For perfect coleslaw, cut a firm cabbage in half and lightly glide the Austware Peeler over the edges and ridges. For finely cut onions, cut the onion in half and glide the Austware Peeler down the edges.


Easy slicing For wafer thin slices of potatoes and sweet potatoes (for crisps), carrots, cucumber, beans and most other fruit and vegetables, glide the Austware Peeler across the end of the vegetable. These slices are ideal for children’s snacks and for salads.
Slice cheese for pizzas, salads and sandwiches by holding the block at both ends and gliding the Austware Peeler along the length of the block.