Colours:  white only.


Pack sizes: Packed 30 per box. (MOQ)

Make classic crinkle or lattice waffle slices in a flash.


The Austware Crinkle Slicer is proudly manufactured in South Africa using only the highest quality materials.  The blades are made from stainless steel and are individually sharpened by hand.


A mandolin type slicer for slicing both thick and thin crinkle cut slices of most fruits and vegetables and also for making “lattice waffle slices” by turning the vegetable being sliced at right angles for each slice.


A handy tool for producing beautiful and interesting potato chips, vegetable slices, cucumber slices for salads and garnishes etc.


How to use your Austware Crinkle Slicer

Thick waffle slices Fit the plate into the slicer with the two notches fitting onto the two lugs.

Thin waffle slices Move the plate forward one notch. (The plate now fits higher, nearer the blade.)

Lattice waffle slices Use the thin slice setting and turn the vegetable at right angles with every slice.

Detailed instructions are on the packaging.